Think About This Before You Buy

You have decided to hire a personal trainer. Good for you!! But let me share some information before you hand over your hard earned money.

You can go to your local gym and sign up for 3 times a week for about $25 a session. The personal trainer you get (because in most instances one is selected for you) is indeed certified, and more than likely has a full schedule of 100 training sessions per week (if they wish to pay their bills).

You can hire a certified private personal trainer (me) and be trained in either the comfort of your home or a private studio. The cost will be slightly more at $35 per session, but I will have the time and energy to devote to you and your goals. I don’t have to book 20 people a day and will be accessible to you for questions after hours. I will have the time to listen to you and address any and all of your concerns. You will not be treated like just another number, you will instead be treated like a valued person. You will receive my undivided attention and have a top notch fitness program designed specifically for you. You will have the choice to use me or not. First session is free.

It’s called Personal Training for a reason.

Supplement Claims vs. Science

I very rarely enter into discussions regarding supplements. However, I just read an interesting article and wanted to share the highlights.

Flaxseed Oil claimed to lower cholesterol and fights heart disease. Recent scientific studies show that the omega-3’s from Flaxseed Oil are delivered as ALA (alpha linoleic acid) which your body struggles to convert to the usable forms – EPA and DHA.

Ginko Biloba claims to improve memory and attention.
Recent scientific studies reveal that long term use was no more effective than a placebo for mental acuity for older people.

Valerian was touted to treat insomnia.
According to scientists that is just not true. It’s a placebo.

St. John’s Wort claimed to beat the blues as well as antidepressants without the side affects.
Scientists say your mood may indeed improve, however if you are using prescription medications, such as anti anxiety meds, statins and certain antibiotics….St. John’s Wort will interfere make them less effective. There are approximately 12 classes of drugs that are adversely affected by St. John’s Wort.

Please remember, this information is not all inclusive and you should consult a medical professional before tinkering with supplements.

48 Years Old and Going Strong!

Since starting in the fitness industry, I’ve pretty much maintained the adage of moderation. A little change here and there every day will ultimately culminate into the end result….or pretty damn close.

I’ve also posted articles, exercises and thoughts about fitness and nutrition.

I’ve never, however posted a picture of myself so you can see what my regimen of exercise and nutrition does for ME. No, I am not a super model or athlete or competitor wannabe. I am Michelle, 48 years old, mother, friend, and personal trainer. But what I do works for me, and it can work for you too.

Working it Working it II

What is Leadership?

Leadership is about having a vision and implementing it, it’s about developing strategies and putting them to work, it’s evaluating success, being accountable and leading by example.

When I lead a client through their exercise program, I am focused on their goal and I implement the plan necessary to achieve that goal.  I have the vision and will implement it.

I am developing a program specifically tailored to their fitness level, physical limitations (or lack thereof).  I develop strategies for the immediate future, and the long term goal. 

I am tracking their progress and celebrate the victories.  I consistently evaluate your success.

You can depend on me to arrive to every scheduled session.  I am accountable.

I am a middle aged woman with a grown (adult) child and have maintained my physique with exercise and good nutrition.  I lead by example.

Michelle Turner, Certified Personal Trainer

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Here is a challenging exercise that will help develop your quads and glutes… get your heart rate elevated.

To prepare for the split jump, stand with one foot forward and the other foot back in a lunge position. Bend your knees slightly.
Once you’re in the proper position jump up, swinging the back leg forward and the front leg to the back. Land with bent knees and come down into a full lunge so your back knee almost touches the floor. You may be tempted to lean forward as you do this move, but try to keep yourself as upright as possible. Once you’ve landed, immediately jump up again and alternate legs.